Aquaculture division

Enriching the Earth's Fisheries Resources

Contributing to society by creating No. 1 quality products.

We have always strived to create No. 1 quality products in the industry. Since entering the business of shrimp mixed feed in 1975, we have established the No. 1 position in Japan. It is no exaggeration to say that the widespread use of our mixed feed has significantly contributed to the development of shrimp farming today. Our unique research and development capabilities are the driving force behind this market share expansion. We continue to develop and improve our products to provide superior quality and higher value-added products. We will continue to take on the challenge of achieving No. 1 quality.

Supporting productivity improvement in KURUMA shrimp (P. japonicus) and fish farming.

In 1975, we became the first company in Japan to commercialize mixed feed for KURUMA shrimp, which led to an increase in production as aquaculture flourished on the remote islands of southern Japan. Before the widespread adoption of mixed feeds in aquaculture, live feeds were used in fish farming, contaminating marine environments. However, the broad use of mixed feeds has led to the mitigation of environmental pollution. By embarking on these efforts from an early stage, we accomplished reforms that changed the conventional wisdom of fish farming.

Entering the aquaculture industry around the world

The mixed feed we have developed has many advantages, such as long-term quality and stability; ease of transport, storage, and feeding; and high palatability and growth effects. Our company’s various research and development efforts are expected to improve growth speed, yield, and feed efficiency. In addition, by selecting numerous raw materials and adding naturally derived ingredients containing polyphenols high in antioxidants, the product is expected to inhibit pathogenic bacteria and other infectious diseases and parasites. With these actions, we are broadening our export sales to international markets.

Enhancing productivity in the cultivation of shrimp and fish.

Leading domestic market share in various shrimp feeds

Our feeds are produced based on our experience and achievements accumulated over many years and are highly regarded for quality and performance. We have a comprehensive lineup of products for various purposes such as growth promotion, low cost, resistance towards infectious diseases, and high water temperature.

Healthy growth is achieved by adding multiple naturally derived polyphenols in the aqua feeds.

Our products are designed with full consideration of the nutritional requirements of shrimp and fish, providing excellent growth and improved feed efficiency. By adding various naturally derived polyphenols, healthy growth and improved meat quality can be anticipated.

A pellet-type feed with excellent feed properties derived from extensive years of expertise.

Our products have excellent feed properties for each fish species, such as digestion and absorption after feeding and retention in water, and they are available in floating and sinking forms. We have various products that can be adapted to multiple fish species, in small or large diameter sizes or high in fat.

Full lineup specializing in larval production and fry breeding

We have a lineup of feeds explicitly designed for larval production by species based on our research into their palatability and digestibility. These feeds are expected to improve growth, survival, and vigor and have excellent uses.

Providing safe and reliable products

Higashimaru Fisheries Division* has acquired ISO 22000 certification in 2020.
We are working to maintain a safe and secure production system through thorough process management based on the ISO system.

※Aquaculture Production Section in the Aquafeed Research Department and Aquafeed Development Section in the Aquafeed Manufacturing Department are not subject to ISO certification.

  • Registered organization : Higashimaru Co.,LTD.Aquaculture Headquarters
  • Registration Number : F108
  • Applicable Standard : ISO22000:2018
  • Scope of registration : Development, production and sales of aquatic mixed feed
  • Registration Date : July 2,2020

Our environmental efforts

We, Higashimaru, support and will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

  • We are developing low-fishmeal feeds from various perspectives, including promoting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, ensuring food security, and reducing the burden on the ecosystem and the environment.
  • We are developing a fine particle starter feed (microencapsulation) that will control the deterioration of water quality.
  • We strive to be environmentally friendly while strictly adhering to ordinance regulation values by collecting odors generated in the manufacturing process using deodorizing equipment.
  • We will aggregate the energy intensity of the Kagoshima factory to improve the efficiency of feed production.
  • We will work to conserve electricity and protect the environment at all of our facilities.


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