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Manufacturing with safety and high quality

There are 4 sections in the feed plant, such as manufacturing, engineering, quality control, operations. Our vision is that quality is the first priority. We manufacture Higashimaru products with responsibility from receiving materials and quality check to shipment. Our motto is to respond variety needs and customer’s expectation. We attempt to improve eco energy and efficient manufacturing.

Manufacturing process and quality control for feed.
Manufacturing process

1,Acceptance for raw material
There are fish meal, squid meal, and wheat flour ,etc for main material.


We will pulverize and mix materials for each items.


We will shape the pellet for fish growth.


We will adjust temperature and dry to control moisture for our standard


We will be cool down with wind for these pellets.


Robot will automatically pack the feed to each bag.


We store each items and manufacturing date.


We politely ship product with polite to customer.

Quality control

1,Check and analysis for material
We check color, smell for all materials with specification sheet, product data sheet.

2,Check for feed size
We check EP/DP feed size for our standard.


3,Check for moisture
We check moisture and adjust dry condition.


4,Sample test
Feed diameter
Feed length
Float & sink
Specific gravity
Water absorption
<Ingredient test>
Freshness standard
Safety standard
We test the above item and supply safety and high quality feed for customer with responsibility.


We check measurement standards for each products.


6,For environment
Deodorization device controls specific odor from feed plant, we take environment into consideration for regulations.

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