Kinko series which is mixed feed for larval fish keep high quality with squid meal and Krill meal. It shows a superior feeding effect from high preference and can use not only larval yellowtail but another larval fishes (seabream, flatfish, and tiger puffer)
We have some kind of grower feeds such as Buio, Hamachimaru, Buio NP, etc, which depends on fish growth, requirement.
These feeds expect to superior growth and FCR. Because, we composed appropriate Vitamins, Minerals to respond for fish requirement.
In addition, Higashimaru feeds include tea leaves, cocoa extract, polyphenol from natural plant can bring up a healthy fish and improve for fish quality by herb effect.



Specification Crude protein min53.0% Main material Krill meal
Crude fat min16.0% Fish meal
Crude fiber max3.0% Shrimp meal
Crude ash max15.0% Squid meal
Calcium min2.0% Krill extract
Phosphorus min1.0% Animal feed86%


Specification Crude protein min45.0% Main material Fish meal
Crude fat min16.0% Shrimp meal
Crude fiber max2.5%
Crude ash max15.0%
Calcium min2.0%
Phosphorus min1.0% Animal feed67%


Specification Crude protein min43.0% Main material Fish meal
Crude fat min16.0%  
Crude fiber max3.0%  
Crude ash max14.0%  
Calcium min2.0%  
Phosphorus min1.0% Animal feed55%


Specification Crude protein min28.0% Main material Fish meal
Crude fat min30.0%
Crude fiber max4.0%
Crude ash max11.0%
Calcium min0.8%
Phosphorus min1.0% Animal feed 30%
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